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Our Doctors & Services Make the Difference

Noted for our acclaimed pool of surgical, clinical and technical expertise, Outluk hair transplant Clinic’s specialist team of expert includes noted dermatologist, infectious disease specialist, hair & skin expert, anesthetist as well as well trained paramedics staff. Founder Dr. Karuna Gaikwad (MBBS, DA) & Dr. Sangita Renge (MD-, DCR, PGD- Clinical Cosmetologist)

Team Outluk share a relentless commitment to creating personalized hair transplants that provide every patient with a natural looking hairline as well as youthfulness.

Founded by Dr Karuna Gaikwad ( MBBS, DA) & Dr. Sangita Renge ( MD-, DCR, PGD- Clinical Cosmetologist), Outluk clinic is gaining acclaim for work in creating fuller & optimum density hair growing techniques in hair transplants in recent time. While award winning Skin & Hair expert Dr. Sangita Renge ( MD-, DCR, PGD- Clinical Cosmetologist) has dedicated her professional life to the field of hair, skin & lifestyle diseases management, Dr. Karuna Gaikwad (MBBS, DA) is specialized in a hair transplant procedure with Fuller & optimum density technique along vast experience in multi speciality hospital & trauma center over a span of last 15 years.

Mentored by our visiting consultant Dr. Mrs Ashwini Tayde (MBBS, MD (MED) DNB, FNB-infectious disease specialist, ASTMH- USA); Outluk clinic is building reputation for refining new generation hair transplant techniques i.e. FUE -Robotic Hair Transplant technique to deliver a thicker head of transplanted hair for patients.

Testimony to our commitment and passion is the development of the Fuller density & Camouflage density method with HARRTS ROBOTIC HAIR TRANSPLANT TECHNIQUES.

HARRTS ROBOTIC HAIR TRANSPLANT TECHNIQUES is the backbone of the Outluk clinic's hair transplant techniques, based on the discipline of replicating the natural hair line while maintaining the density of hairs.

Our experience provides glorious results

Making a difference with our team of compassionate, dedicated and accomplished hair restoration staff.

We’re extremely proud of our carefully selected team of medical professionals.

Each team member brings her unique qualities of compassion, dedication, experience and skills to our clinics while at the same time they also share some common characteristics, like being patient centric, mentally and physically strong for long hours in procedures, follow ups and the competence to effectively lead and manage teams.

Apart from medical qualifications, experience, doctors selected to join the Outluk Clinic team must have an artistic eye.

This artistic sensibility is the most important aspect of hair transplant, which essentially drives a hair transplant doctor towards ensuring all transplanted Hair are completely natural looking.

Optimum additional enhancement in transplants performed at Outluk Clinic is derived from the use of latest " Robotic Hair transplant" Technique”. Along with offering superior hair transplantation, Outluk hair transplant clinic's professional consultants are among the most experienced, knowledgeable, and approachable in the field. With us you will benefit from:

  • A renowned, respected leading hair specialist under one roof.
  • Proven, permanent, and natural hair transplants.
  • The latest in new generation hair transplant techniques- Robotic Hair transplant
  • A dedicated hair restoration clinic by Nagpur's only full time extensively trained support team.
  • Ethical, professional consultation with leading doctors in the field.