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Hair Transplant

Hair transplantation is the last & permanent solution for genetic hair loss

While there are many treatments promoted for male/ female pattern hair loss (MPHL), hair transplantation remains the only proven, permanent and natural solution.

Hair Loss or baldness nearly affects 70 per cent of the male population at some stage of their lives, a lot of men will find themselves considering a range of both medical and non-medical solutions.

You can style it, wash it, play sport and swim just as you would with your own hair. Transplantation offers a permanent solution to hair loss because the transplanted hair is resistant to the DHT hormone which causes hair loss.

Robotic Hair Transplant

Outluk clinic is the first in central India to introduce robotic hair transplant system, HARRTS a latest in FUE hair transplant technique

  • HARRTS is Human Assisted Rapid Robotic Transplant System.
  • HARRTS with its Patented Novel Technology is the world’s fastest Human Assisted Robotic Hair Transplant System.
  • HARRTS Robotic Hair transplant system is undoubtedly the Fastest Hair Transplant System available currently.
  • HARRTS is the world’s first Robotic Hair Transplant System using and Android Touch Screen interface and Artificial Intelligence System that adds value to your Hair Transplant services.
  • HARRTS Robotic Hair Transplant involves no scalpel incision, no staples or pinning and certainly a big no to stitches. Easy, effective and efficient process and less pain involved.

50% of the quoted price is to be paid while selecting your procedure dates.

The balance amount shall be payable no later than 15 days before the procedure.

Customer can book any available date for the hair transplant procedure which is not over than 60 days after deposit is made.

After deposit is made, if customer would like to postpone the appointment, please inform us in advance at least 15 days before the hair transplant procedure date

Date change will be allowed only 2 times.

The discount given on packages is valid only for 30 days from the quotation date.

All medical reports & physician’s fitness certificate should be produced 7 days before procedure date.

We reserve the right not to return the deposit if the customer cannot do as conditions mentioned above.